Course Overview

You have a website- what now? If you have a website but it’s not getting any traffic, this course is for you! Learn how to optimize your website so it can be found by search engines. You’ll also learn how to write keyword-rich content that can be read by search engines as well as your customers. Remember Google is a robot, SEO is all about feeding the bots and the people!!

Course Content

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Understanding the SEO language- SERP’s, metadata, tags, crawling, indexing, Googlebot, redirects, urls, keywords, keyword research etc.
  • Search engine optimization and why it’s important for websites.
  • The difference between SEO and PPC
  • What role does SEO play in the overall marketing strategy?
  • Learn how to optimize a website for search engines.
  • Learn how to conduct keyword research using free tools
  • Create a list of keywords for your business- interactive session where you’ll leave with a list of keywords to focus on
  • Prioritizing keywords based on search volumes
  • How to identify new trends in your industry to stay ahead of your competitors
  • Learn how to develop keyword-rich web content to ensure GoogleBot returns your website in SERP’s
  • Learn how to implement technical SEO optimisations
  • Using keyword research to drive your blogging/content marketing strategy
  • Using content marketing strategies to improve SEO rankings.
  • Introduction to free tools that will help you manage your SEO strategy
  • Tips on how to improve your local search ranking

Who should attend?

If any of the following sounds familiar, this course is for you!

  • You have a website but it’s not ranking in Google
  • You want to identify and prioritise search terms people use to find similar products / businesses on Google in order to increase sales
  • You have a website but you’re not sure which search terms people are using to find you
  • You want to optimise your website with keyword-rich content to attract qualified traffic (and convert visitors!)
  • You want to learn how to complete technical SEO updates to your website- e.g. meta data, header tags, image tags, keyword rich url’s

About Your Trainer

Rachel Walsh is an experienced digital marketing trainer helping clients discover the power of digital.

  • Rachel is an experienced marketer with over 10 years industry experience with Ryanair, Tesco, Virgin Media
  • She is a lecturer in Marketing at Limerick Institute of Technology
  • Rachel has a first class honours Masters in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics from Dublin Institute of Technology
  • She has an Honours Degree in Business Studies Marketing and Management from Limerick Institute of Technology
  • Rachel has a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland

Find out more about Rachel here.