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  • Limerick represented at Electric Picnic 2016!

    For those of you who follow my Snapchat (Username ‘DiscoverDigital’) you’ll have seen me snapping from Electric Picnic over the weekend. And what a weekend it was! Electric Picnic isn’t just about the music. There’s so much to see and do- food demonstrations, talks on mental health, theatre, poetry, dance workshops! The list is endless! […]

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  • Do Penguins Have Knees- Google it!

    If you’ve ever uttered the words “I Googled it” when someone asks you where you got your information, then read on! We’re all guilty of resorting to Google when our little brains don’t have the information we need.  I recently read an article on Digital Loft which listed the most searched phrases on Google. It was […]

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  • Snapchat- Does it really work?

    snapchat seems to be the latest digital marketing trend that all the cool kids are using! But does it actually work as a marketing tool?   For anyone who’s not familiar with how snapchat works, let me break it down for you. Users share photos and videos with their followers which are displayed for up […]

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  • Social Media Myths

    I’m a big advocate of social media. My life revolves around it. You name the social media platform and I’m probably on it. You’ll rarely find my phone out of my hand. I like the feeling of constantly being connected with people. However, since starting my Discover Digital journey, I’ve noticed that there seems to be […]

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