The tale of a plane and a Facebook page

The tale of a plane and a Facebook page

You’ve all seen the media coverage by now. How one man literally crossed land and rivers to fulfil his dream of getting a Boeing 767 plane to its final resting place in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. If not, read this!

What really caught my attention was the Facebook page relating to the planes final resting place, Quirky Nights Glamping Village. Created over 7 months ago (in November 2015) the page now has over 48,000 followers. 48,000!!!!

So how did they do this? Quirky Nights Glamping Village capitalised on publicity they were generating offline and used this content to fuel their Facebook page. They shared stories that were featured in local press and on national radio. They updated their followers regularly on progress of the planes journey to Sligo. They shared their vision for the glamping site. In short, they took people on a journey. This has resulted in them having a highly engaged audience of 48,000 people on their page who have already bought into the concept before they have even opened their doors!

The thing with social media is that its all about the numbers! How many follower’s do you have? How many likes did your picture get? How many retweets did you get? How many people did your post reach? There is a common thread between all these things. And that’s Content! With the right content, organic growth on social media is much easier (and who doesn’t love free marketing!!).

You don’t need to sail a boeing 767 up the Shannon to generate good content (although it definitely helps!). Here are some content tips to get those all important social-numbers on the increase:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.38.07Make it relevant- If you have an existing fan base on your social media accounts, think about the reason why they followed you in the first place. Generate content to feed their interest in your brand or product.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.38.07Bring people on a journey- People love a good story. Share yours with them. If you’re opening a new business give people a sneak preview on your Facebook page. Build anticipation via the page. Introduce your staff. Build your audience prior to opening. These people will feel valued and be more likely to convert in the future.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.38.07Choose your tone- I’m all for having a professional tone of voice, but Facebook is a place where modern consumers go to “relax”. Engage with them on a human-level. Keep the hard-sell to a minimum.


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